The Legend of Dragon Jiu-Jitsu


One legend tells that Dragons are either born as Dragons or are transformed from carp. In order for a carp to become a Dragon, it must leap up the waters of a waterfall known as the “Dragon’s Gate.” Many carp gather below the falls, but only a few succeed in getting over the falls to the higher waters above. The story says that those which preserve and leap through the fall become Dragons. It has become a popular metaphor. In fact, scholars who passed triennial literary examinations were said to have “passed the Dragon Gate”.

The Legend of the Dragon Jiu-Jitsu goes similary. When you start as a White Belt you are going to start your struggle up the waters.

You are going to use too much enegy and make mistakes when trying to find the right way up.

As a Blue Belt you're gonna start to see easier paths and save your energy for the more difficult parts of the journey.

As a Purple Belt you are no more one of the crowd, because only few of those who started at the same time are with you.  But as you are not one of those who didn't survive, you have gathered a lot of knowledge and ways to continue your way up against all odds.

As a Brown Belt you have almost reached  your goal to the higher waters with enormous amount of knowledge and ready for your transformation to the Dragon. 

Then finally when you end your way up you're going to be a Black Belt Dragon. But as a Dragon you must swim back down to the sea and that's when we see if you are worth it. That means that you have to learn how to go down to right way using the flow on your benefit. Somebody's saying that you have to go with the flow but that's not the Dragons way.

Because only dead fish go with the flow and are going to end up in the dump yards. Instead if you swim with the flow you can find better routes and don't get hits from the rocks or other obstacles. Then when you reach your goal at the sea you're first degree Black Belt Dragon. You're maybe surprised that it is not the end of your transformation.

Actually it is just the new start. You also have to learn how to swim in deep waters and that's going to be much longer journey but you have already collected all the skills you gonna need in there to survive and learn more. 

That means more degrees in your Black Belt. 

Dragon Jiu-Jitsu 


“When you start as a White Belt you are going to start your struggle up the waters.”

The legend of dragon jiu-jutsu