Dragon Jiu-Jitsu 

New Academy Grand Opening 4.1.2020



Based on over 20 yrs of experience and analysis of learning process with beginners, Dragon Jiu-Jitsu is launching a new REVOLUTIONARY Curriculum for Beginners and Intermediate students.

Our new curriculum is going to accelerate the learning process of the students while simultaneously being safer, more well-rounded and simply better than the others. With the Dragon dojo program, students will have comprehensive fundamental skills which creates a solid and logical base for the higher belts to be earned on.

 Our curriculum is aimed towards the students and provides MORE THAN DOUBLE THE TRAINING HOURS compared to regular jiujitsu dojos. 

The Advanced Curriculum will provide a highly detailed and well-rounded programme for the students who are familiar with the fundamentals of jiujitsu. 

The Dragon Dojo Curriculum will boost the learning curve compared to traditional programmes and creates an environment in which the students will thrive and progress faster than ever before.


Over 20 years of experience